Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Joining the Carnival!

  There's a "blog carnival" called the Carnival of Evolution that hosts a monthly roundup of the best evolution-related blog posts from across the web.  Having just discovered this, our blog will be joining the fun, starting next month.  For now, you can read the entries for the current carnival, #41, at the mermaid's tale.  It's a great way to discover evolution blogs you didn't know existed, and a great way to see editor-chosen "best of" picks for the whole month.



  1. How can one "formally" join and sign up? I'd like to contribute with our research blog in Lund too...

  2. Send an email to bjorn@bjornostman.com with the subject line "CoE List" and ask him to sign you up. He'll add you to his mailing list and tell you what to do. :->


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